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Entry requirements


Entrants with the following qualifications are admitted to the School:
  1. Swiss Federal Certificate of Qualification as a cook, waiter, hotel assistant or hotel, bar or restaurant employee, or
  2. Federal, cantonal or vocational matura school-leaving certificate*, or
  3. Qualification as a hotel secretary recognised by hôtelleriesuisse;
  4. Language knowlege : Italian (level C1), English, French or German (level A2)

The Department of Education may set a quota for candidates who do not have any of the qualifications listed above.

* Before obtaining the diploma, candidates must certify a minimum of 2 year of working experience in the hotel or restaurant field (including the training year).

The proficiency level required in foreign languages is level A2 of the European Portfolio of Languages developed by the European Council (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The enrolment form can be obtained from the School’s Management and can also be downloaded from our website in pdf format.


School fees



The school fee for students from Ticino and other selected cantons is approximately SFr.900 per semester. The fee for all other students is approximately SFr. 2700 per semester. The fees are set by the Council of State.

Additional costs (school materials, outings and study trips) apply.
For more information, please contact us.


Portable computer
Students are strongly advised to use a portable computer.

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