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Quality and service are the cornerstones of any business enterprise, particularly in the service sector and specifically in the tourist, hotel, and bar and restaurant industry.


Here, the key to a successful relationship between service provider and customers is an ongoing commitment to building and nurturing a culture of hospitality. This must not be a one-time objective, but an ongoing effort.


People are the mainstay of any business, and cultivating their motivation, commitment, skills and creativity is paramount, for these are the key ingredients for successful decision-making and development of innovative ideas at all levels, from company employees through middle management to top-level management.


That is why we place people at the heart of all that is taught here at the State Tourism and Hotel Management School (SSAT). Our aim is to produce versatile middle managers and provide the sector as a whole with a stimulus for ongoing improvement.


Finally, people (students, teachers and business professionals) are also the driving force behind another of our School’s commitments. Our school is a reference point and a venue for sectoral meetings aimed at promoting dialogue between economic stakeholders, the media and the general public.




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